KaraokeMixer 1.1

Mixes instrumental songs with voice recordings

Create songs by overlaying the vocal track recording over the background music. Work with 16 MIDI channels and supports KAR, MP3, OGG, MIDI, and other formats.

The Audio4You Karaoke Mixer is a tool that enables the mixing together of background music with vocal recordings.
The Audio4You Karaoke Mixer supports many audio file formats for the background music. You can choose from Midi, Kar, Mp3 or Ogg. The Midi version allows for 16 MIDI channels. The volume and balance can be adjusted, the original settings returned or instruments changed.

One of the advantages of using this program is that it is easy to use for everyone. The basic functions can be used without any problems by beginners, but advanced users will be able to use the other functions that are included in the Audio4You Karaoke Mixer program.

All that needs to be done is a background music file has to be chosen, as well as a file of a vocal recording and a name for the finished work. The output file will be in the MP3 format and then you can hear the mixed song by pushing the start button.

There are also four different audio effects that can be added to the vocal recordings. You can choose from echo, chorus, reverb or flanger and adjust those parameters. There are also 14 presets included in the program, such as dance, pop, rock, techno and reggae.

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